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Two Years and Counting

This past Tuesday, Marty and I celebrated our second anniversary. In terms of “finding someone,” I was always one of those girls who felt like it was just never going ...

Who’s Got the Best Cupcakes in Richmond?

Just a few weeks ago, my sweet and youngest nephew turned two. And just like his brother James loves Thomas, John Bayley loves Elmo. Isn’t it funny how every child ...

Special Summer Day

This summer, there was one day that was more important, more beautiful and more special than the rest. My husband’s daughter Chele married the love of her life, Joseph. They ...

Recently from The Beaten Biscuit

Dockside, Wilmington, NC

For the past several summers, I’ve been lucky enough to be able ...

When in Maryland….

Marty and I were lucky enough to have a reason for a ...

Happy 40th, Love California

Well, this was the big year…I turned 40. Leading up to this ...

a little more kneading around...

The latest…

Thinking about doing some traveling? Check out my latest blog posts about great places in California, Maryland and North Carolina! Cheers!

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Homemades by Suzanne – A Family Go-To

My nephew, whom I’ve mentioned numerous times thus far, loves trains. Wait, that’s an understatement. He is nuts, bonkers, whacko over trains, specifically Thomas the Train and the whole Sodor Island entourage. I know; a  lot of little boys love Thomas, but I’m telling you, James takes it to a whole new level. He is […]

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Erath Pinot Gris Rose

Marty, that’s my husband, went out to Portland a few weeks ago for business. He absolutely despises traveling for work. This trip was a little different, however. He had an afternoon with no meetings one day, so he decided to take a little impromptu wine tour of some of the best wineries in the Willamette […]

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